Grace, as defined in Webster’s Dictionary, is a way of moving that is smooth & attractive & that is not stiff or awkward. A controlled, polite, & pleasant way of behaving.

While I have met countless women who carry grace like an accessory, it is an attribute that I personally do not possess. Like most, I strive to be a better human being as each day passes.

With learning, there is growth.

Along the way, I’ve had an opportunity to meet amazing women who have shared their story with honesty and grace. Whether it be a short conversation with a complete stranger as we stand at a grocery store checkout or a long conversation with an old friend about lessons learned, I always walk away feeling inspired. I have collected wise words from countless women over the years— I carry their words with me and use them as a silent guide.

Their stories continue to serve as a beacon of light, so to speak, showing me a path of relentless determination and grace. From homemakers to medical doctors, we collectively learn from paths chosen. From military leaders to small business owners, we grow from lessons learned. From television producers to best selling authors, we share dreams realized. And from educators to fashion models to culinary guides, we identify with each other’s experience. From these stories, the j. jane project was born.

In an effort to promote mentorship, I share these stories of success with you. The women interviewed in this blog reveal their thoughts on their professional experience and/or personal lives—reflecting different socioeconomic backgrounds and highlighting various paths taken. All exposing a common thread: a thread of grace.

By sharing these stories, we become guides for one another and inspire mentorship between women.

It is my hope that the words shared on these pages inspire you… as much as they inspire me.

J. Jane